Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's getting closer!

Only about six weeks 'til the big reunion! The weekend is shaping up nicely and it'll be so fun to see everyone. Hopefully you all received your invitations & information in the mail a while back (if not, email me as soon as possible at and I'll get it out to you). Please send your response form & check to me in the next few weeks (and if you can't make it still send in the form so we can all hear what you've been up to).

Since I last posted we've tentatively got Mr. Callanan scheduled to give us a tour of the High School on Sat. afternoon after the potluck. And don't forget to check out Howard Livingston and Milemarker 24 who will be playing in the Tiki Bar at PM Park on Saturday night!

We've been working hard to locate all our classmates, but still need help tracking down the following people. If you have any information on them, please send it to us at

MISSING CLASSMATES (updated 6/30/08):
Anderson, Michelle
Ball, Sara
Beresford, Darrell
Brown, Jeff
Clark/Murray, Jennifer A.
Dorenkamp, Steve
Eichmann, Mike
Hansen, Chris
Hansen, David
Herker, Rene
Kashina, Lam
Khing, Cam Lai
Kienast, Kurt
Klein, Ross
Le, Hai Chi
Le, Nhan
Maben, Shannon
Mahoney, Brent
Nichols/Hepperly, Angel
Nuehring, Mary
Osburn, Bill
Pham, Loan
Samford, Sean
Smith, Brad
Warrington, Angie